† R.I.P. Trish Keenan †

January 16, 2011 from NATHINI

trishkeenan † R.I.P. Trish Keenan †

Yesterday Broadcast Singer and Soul Trish Keenan passed away. She succumbed to a pneumonia, an aftermath of the swine-flu she caught on tour in Singapore 2010. The good ones die young..

Watch Witch Cult

”11 : careering.

January 16, 2011 from NATHINI

bild 21 11 : careering.

Watch Estasy – Wearhorses

Same ole’hangover as every year, James..

January 02, 2011 from NATHINI

40492 2 dinner for onewdr annemarie aldag Same olehangover as every year, James..

Watch Dinner for One

Eric Valli

December 27, 2010 from NATHINI

evhh 81 Eric Valli

I have heard of French photographer and film director Eric Valli many times in the past, him being one of the common National Geographics photographers, and the director of the stunning documentary movie Honey Hunters with Diane Summer. But it was only recently I discovered his beautifully set website, could watch and read for hours..

Here’s a small selection of his works from the Nepalese Himalayas, the Honey Hunters of the tropical Terai Regions and the shadow hunters from the seacaves in Thailand, on their search for precious edible birds nests. Treat your eyes..

evhimtxt 021 Eric Valli

evhh 3 Eric Valli

evhh 16 Eric Valli

evhh 2 Eric Valli

evhomepg 02 Eric Valli

evhon 14 Eric Valli

evhon 9 Eric Valli

evshad Eric Valli

evshad 91 Eric Valli

evshad 2 Eric Valli

evshad 20 Eric Valli

evshad 19 Eric Valli

evshad 16 Eric Valli

All contents: http://www.ericvalli.com/

Oh baby. Jesus.

December 27, 2010 from NATHINI

bild 41 Oh baby. Jesus.

Celebrating Christmas in the Champagneria with a bunch of pissed to the bone Israelis, dressed up as Jesus, probably was the best idea I had this month.

bild 3 Oh baby. Jesus.

Merry Merry to ya’all!

Nathalie Daoust

December 27, 2010 from NATHINI

bild 8 Nathalie Daoust

Whether in New York, Tokyo or Berlin, Nathalie Daoust has always asserted a childlike contempt for reality. With a passion for intimacy, this Canadian photographer, born and raised in Montreal, has devoted all of her art to unveiling the secrets hidden beneath the apparent stability of life. Daoust first broke onto the scene in 1997 while photographing the themed rooms of the Carlton Arms Hotel in New York. This project, her first solo exhibition, was then published into a book, New York Hotel Story.

Since then, Daoust has created several new conceptual projects that have taken her all over the world, from the love hotels of Tokyo, to a brothel in Brazil, to a darkroom in Sydney, to the dreamy landscape of the snow-capped Swiss Alps.

Her objective as an artist is to push the boundaries of photography through experimental methods. While working with new mediums and discovering new darkroom techniques, Daoust explores the undefinable realm between truth, fantasy and the human desire of escapism.

bild 4 Nathalie Daoust

bild 10 Nathalie Daoust

Nathalie Daoust’s latest project, Tokyo Hotel Story, continues her exploration of female sexuality and subversion of gender stereotypes. Spending several months in the Alpha In, one of the biggest S&M “love hotels” in Japan. Daoust photographed 39 women in their private rooms, surrounded by the specialist equipment and dressed in the regalia that define their trade. Her work takes the viewer beyond taboos while showing the universal human desire to escape reality and create fantasy worlds that often oscillate between dream, reality and perversion.

bild 16 Nathalie Daoust

All contents from: http://www.daoustnathalie.com/


December 27, 2010 from NATHINI

screen gummo 01 Convolute

Around this time of the year, all you wanna do is crawl in bed, cuppa tea, watch two movies a day. Oldie but a goodie: Gummo.

Watch Bunny Boy

Watch Official Trailer

gummo Convolute

Filmed in a little village in Ohio, with only 5 characters being embodied by professional actors, the rest being street-cast, this movie transports the suburban nightmare and the cross-coloured tristesse of a late 70′s america in a particularly insistent way.

I guess everything starring Chloe Sevigny is decent anyways, and Harmony Korine has been amongst my tops always, little smartass!

Watch Harmony Korine on Letterman 95

Blues and Reds

December 27, 2010 from NATHINI

With Berlin covered in snow like this, you even start to wistfully recall the rainy autumns – at least you’ve got a colourscheme there, and what a beautiful on top!

bild 2 Blues and Reds

Watch Kendal Johannson – Blue Moon

bild 1 Blues and Reds

Take A Look.

December 07, 2010 from NATHINI

Just stumbled across this incredibly awesome blog. I laughed so hard. How can such a tomfool terrorize and suppress 24 million people for over 12 years now??

tumblr lcuflqpm0s1qewv1lo1 500 Take A Look.

Looking at the wall.

tumblr lcqvjrihnu1qewv1lo1 500 Take A Look.

Looking at the kitchen cabinet.

tumblr lcn1t3w82u1qewv1lo1 500 Take A Look.

Looking at radish.

tumblr law4d8oy451qewv1lo1 500 Take A Look.Looking at girls.

tumblr lbrjnrslir1qewv1lo1 500 Take A Look.Looking at hats.

tumblr lcsktzk17y1qewv1lo1 500 Take A Look.Looking at pigs.

tumblr lax5oqr9bu1qewv1lo1 500 Take A Look.Looking at crackers.

tumblr lawrpm9xji1qewv1lo1 500 Take A Look.Looking at buckets.

tumblr lcovgpoxnv1qewv1lo1 5001 Take A Look.Looking at Jong-Un.

tumblr lbntmvh9mw1qewv1lo1 500 Take A Look.Looking at your desktop.

See more on: www.kimjongillookingatthings.tumblr.com


October 29, 2010 from NATHINI

5 Dimensions.

11 Dimensions.

9 Dimensions.

1 Dimensions.

Sinking in. I love these. Here’s also a link for How to Make 3D Glasses Yourself!