August 10, 2010 from PAUL SNOWDEN

x los angeles front1 ENDE NEU

in the big world of perpetual dynamic, there is nothing worse than dead space,
therefore, i have decided to call my participation on this site a day.

i feel this amazing record cover and great record from the band X somehow sums things up.

in the small world of the internet,
im sure we will meet somewhere soon again.


paul snowden

boy wonder

June 27, 2010 from PAUL SNOWDEN

with drakes debut hitting the stores and the sales figures finally out it gives the whole drizzy realm something ‘real’ to deal with in weighing up his success, based on sales, not on spin, hype, respect or hiphop torch sharing. the mtv special Better Than Good Enough gives insight to the game, but more the of busines’s hottest property. i personally expected and wished for something a little more harder, and less unpredictable, the mixtape freestyles were much more out there, than the love songs on thank me later. anyways, the drake phenomenon is pop culture in the making. needless to say, respect. wow. and. respect.

drizzy boy wonder

oh so wish to turn back the clock 27ish years and go work at chiat day what a great movie

June 13, 2010 from PAUL SNOWDEN

logo art copy oh so wish to turn back the clock 27ish years and go work at chiat day what a great movie

80s BABY

June 03, 2010 from PAUL SNOWDEN

apart from last weeks almost best ever LEGENDARY ‘great space roaster’ episode of american dad! , well worth checking out on the internets in the bbc2 tv drama about the rise and fall of boy george and culture club. worried about the boy its nice and touching with alot of fun facts i didnt know about george and the gang.

picture 62 80s BABY


May 19, 2010 from PAUL SNOWDEN

winding down after a hard days work, seems like a normal thing that people do, but finding myself delving into the new hbo series treme 0 OPEN SESAMEcould be a bad idea, caus i hate saxophones and hbo marathons are bad for your schedule due to high addictiveness level. the opening to treme has yet again earned the almost high art status and made me realise how beautiful the hbo opening scenes are, regardless, how legendary the rest of the program is. i guess all time hbo favourite opening has to be mad men 0 OPEN SESAME (s&j r.i.p.), the tragic and delicate beauty of a world completely falling apart, with such deep and dark music. best intro ever. and of course the worlds best tv program ever possibly next to family guy and the flintstones and speed racer, with me clocking the 60 episodes in 10 days — the wire 0 OPEN SESAME and of course the sopranos 0 OPEN SESAME follow, so great. but my secret super favourite, due to great typography, is the ‘your last great program set high standards, this is good, but when is it gonna get great?’ how to make it in america 0 OPEN SESAME(due to real time viewing, it took me 7 weeks) so so great. great typography, great music, great photos, great atmo. but all of the intros are just so deep and oh so cool and i wanna too. im gonna add doing a hbo series intro to things i gotta do in this life, contemplate putting my feet up and kicking it back but probably wont. i wish you pleasant viewing and a pleasant evening.


May 06, 2010 from PAUL SNOWDEN

barbara kruger THE WORLD FAMOUS

i so shop therefore me so am digging the supreme book which came out on rizzoli which i picked up at my other new favourite store in berlin soto last night. this is the way to go. this is so the way to go.

img00376 20100506 08181 THE WORLD FAMOUS

speaking of white futura on red. my little tshirt label berlins leg of the long awaited WASTED GERMAN YOUTH euro-tour hits berlin friday. come to party. come to the party.

fuck wasted german youth1 THE WORLD FAMOUS


April 24, 2010 from PAUL SNOWDEN
i have finally reached 5 further goals in my life: to expand and concretise my fashion imperium by opening my Shop, to fufill my lifelong mission and achieve super buff fitness studio addict slash reeperbahn/marzahn pimp style status (mirrored aviators worn on the neck milano style, air max 180s (in original colour way i may add), free yayo tshirt, yo what up yo) and have people understand it as a lifelong attitude and style mission, become famous on the internets as a lame excuse for not being famous in reality, start psychological warfare with young female berlin b——s to proactively engage myself in solving my inner hatred and conflict against the patheticness and the power of b——g and thanks to procter & gamble, make my first million for live young fashion industry subcultural integrational promotional work for washing powder. dude, this is how how wars start and nations are built.

Freitag Nachmittag – Ziel der neue Shop in Berlin von Wasted Youth! Der erste Eindruck gar nicht schlecht. Von der Memhardstraße betreten wir einen kleinen T-Shirt Wald mit stolzen Farben. Überwiegend Weiß und Schwarz, aber auch Gelb, Pink, Rosa, was das Herz begehrt. Doch schnell müssen wir merken wie stark der Wille nach der Flucht aus diesen neuen Wänden ist. Der Typ an der Tür sieht aus wie ein Steroidepaket eines Pankower Fitnessstudios und fragt in gleicher Manier die junge fleißige Photografin im Laden wo sie denn ihre „coole Tüte“ her hat (Goodie Totebag von Weekday für die FW). Ohne Musik und Ton wandeln Karla Kolumna und wir durch den Wald, immer von Meister Proper beobachtet und plötzlich haben wir die Lust verloren uns näher mit diesem Ort zu beschäftigen und drehen uns dankend der Tür zu.
me so young money crazy at the moment.
have a good weekend.
xxl may 2010b MO MONEY, MO PROBLEMS <i>continued</i>


April 19, 2010 from PAUL SNOWDEN

picture 73 100 MILES AND RUNNIN

mein brand, mein Shop, mein block

the Shop presents the as of today, the 6 pillars of the WASTED GERMAN YOUTH imperium
1. the WASTED GERMAN YOUTH brand — the fashion, the products and
2. things i did — tshirts, record sleeves and other stuff designed from paul
3. people i know — things i love from friends
4. THE KIDS WANT TECHNO — the partys. yes, the
5. anti WASTED GERMAN YOUTH — the charity and benefit projects
6. designs from other people for WASTED GERMAN YOUTH

memhardstrasse 1
10178 berlin
tuesdays – fridays 2—7pm, saturday   12 — 7pm, and when the door is open

photo : spanier


April 12, 2010 from PAUL SNOWDEN

wasted german youth shop opening WASTED GERMAN YOUTH   Shop   >OPENING<


mein brand, mein Shop, mein block.

“Shop is the window to the world for me the artist, the brand and the business.”

paul snowden’s WASTED GERMAN YOUTH flagship store ‘Shop’ opens in berlin,
april 16th, 2-8pm just drinks, nothing big.

memhard strasse 1
10178 berlin


malcom maclaren rip

April 09, 2010 from PAUL SNOWDEN

mm duck rock malcom maclaren rip

“he could be very charming, he could be very cruel, but he mattered and he put something together that was extraordinary.” — jon savage