Eat me. Buy me. Drink me. Bay Area.

April 13, 2011 from THE ROAD IS LONG


bild 15 Eat me. Buy me. Drink me. Bay Area.

Get some special cookies and mingle with the hipster crowd every Subday at Mission Dolores Park.

If you get the munchies just stroll down a block and grab some of the world famous Mission Burritos. The ones you can’t possibly finish in one go you’ll find on 24th street.


bild 31 Eat me. Buy me. Drink me. Bay Area.

Awe at and dig through the material (and human) vintage treasures at the Alemany Fleamarket

or go to Mission Thrift for some proper bargain shopping.


bild 21 Eat me. Buy me. Drink me. Bay Area.

Get the serious buzz with 2 dollar beers, lovely snake-booze-skorpion dioramas and thrashing noisebands at the Church of the Buzzard in Berkeley, Oakland.

And when times are low, hit the Uptown and treat yourself with their 5$ Wellness-Gimlets and -Manhattans, play pool or watch locals get into a fight.

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bild 131 Eat me. Buy me. Drink me. Bay Area.

The Grass is greener in NorCal

April 11, 2011 from THE ROAD IS LONG

bild 35 The Grass is greener in NorCal

Behind closed doors..

Given the austere and abundant nature of America’s police force (as we have experienced it so far) and Americas war on drugs being conducted with fulsome fervour by every president since Ronald Reagan, it was, all in all, a strange move for California to sanction the use of Marijuana for medical reasons back in 1994. In a country where being caught in the wrong state with a couple of grams can get you into more trouble than manslaughter, it seemed unlikely to walk into a store with a prescription and buy some of the most potent Marijuana in the world.

bild 36 The Grass is greener in NorCal

100 05811 The Grass is greener in NorCal

Of course the now legal remedy had to come from somewhere and a whole new market opened up. It’s not that white, bible bashing farmers have suddenly developed a taste for the herb but rather that no one could ignore these kinds of profits for long. It’s estimated that revenue from Marijuana at least equals and maybe even exceeds that of America’s biggest cash crops, soy and corn. Not speaking of the industrial margin, including all the smokers paraphernalia, magazines, books etc.being produced and marketed- even MMJ specialized Insurance Companies and Growers Acadamies, all posting ads!

bild 16 The Grass is greener in NorCal

The change in the state laws has created a peculiar legal no man’s land and the big question was whether the police would follow the state or the federal stance on marijuana cultivation. It looks like, given the economic benefits and the modestness of most small businesses, many local sheriffs and district attorneys decided to keep their eyes wide shut.

100 05771 The Grass is greener in NorCal

Do you like Christmas?

Walking throught the streets of San Francisco, you keep “getting the whiff” on every corner, but moving up further north, life seems to increasingly evolve around the weed market. The frequency rises proportional to your suspicions, as you see more and more ostensible pensioners strolling the streets sporting dehumidifiers, or rummy characters with green flowers on their lapel. Life up here is mellow. No signs of the fatal burnout symdroms and symtoms, ravaging most East Coast cities like New York and Washington. Many people seem to maintain a balanced lifestyle, working amidst the nature or even on the plantations a couple of months a year, making good money watering, potting and trimming the plants. The pay probably exceeds that of most ninetofivejobs, and therefore the people seem to be earning the freedom of actually having a LIFE besides work. Travelling, surfing, orchard gardening or whatever strange buddhist instrument they oughtta be learning..

Bare Betting

April 10, 2011 from THE ROAD IS LONG

bild 22 1024x712 Bare Betting

Most people who think of horseraces picture elite societies and behatted ladies with sunglasses drinking champagne and Prince Charles in the middle of all of that. The Golden Gate Fields might have a fancy name but this is rather the hopeful haven for every lost soul whose goldteeth are long-gone, sold at the pawnshop around the corner. Desperation resonates the air when you enter the main hall and hear enraged pensioners screaming on the top of their lungs at a television screen where races from all over the state are aired.

Most people don’t come here for the fun and the hotdogs. They are serious betters investing their childrens college grants or the next due rent in a desperate approach of tripeling the narrow sum. You can see they almost live at the tracks. Meditating over the programms, knowing the name of each and every horse and jockey off by heart.

bild 23 Bare Betting

bild 111 Bare Betting

This is something we could do next sunday. And the week after.

bild 71 1024x576 Bare Betting

Living Legend, Duke of Doom, Gnarly Dude and Funfair Candyman were the ones we put our first few dollars on, but picking a race by the name of the horse prooved not to be the way to win. People gave us the hint to bet on whoever the chainsmoking Asians are betting on and we realized that was indeed always a certain jockey.

bild 32 Bare Betting

Russell Baze seemed to be THE topshelf choice, and he shure prooved to undertake that afternoon. There are always 8-12 horses or so running in nine races, of which three went to him only. Being in the game for almost fourty years now, he sure knows how to ride that horse. He also holds the record for the most won races in North American horse racing history. He seems a little tired.


April 09, 2011 from THE ROAD IS LONG

bild 17 1024x717 Backyardening

San Francisco smells of Botanical Garden and barbecues. Noticeably the youngsters in the Bay Area seem to have a deep rootet love towards all that mother nature has to offer. Every body uses their tiny backyard to grow and groom some kind of useful plant or animal. We met these guys growing oyster mushrooms in their backyard and selling it from their porch. Or trading it for some freshly brewed arabica in the local coffeeshop.

We dug it.

180° Lakes

April 07, 2011 from THE ROAD IS LONG

180c2b0 saltlake 1024x249 180° Lakes

180c2b0tahoe 180° Lakes

On a shoestring

April 06, 2011 from THE ROAD IS LONG

bild 8 On a shoestring

All our life we have been mocking these Asian or American tourists, travelling through Europe with a camera pinned to their face, rushing from Berlin to Paris, Paris to London, London to Barcelona in only a few days. Within this trip though, we kind of started to feel a strong sympathy and develope a deep understanding for these folks.

bild 41 On a shoestring

bild 24 On a shoestring

Rushing through 3 States within 3 days is not only quite a serious amount of hours jammed behind the stirring wheel like a manic Dean Moriarty, it is a serious bit of mindtrippin too! Especially if you are driving through Utah, which is probably the strangest and most spooky landscape we ever saw. Being one big deserted plateau, surrounded by blueridge mountains and a claustrophobic teapotlid-sky of multilayered and pastel-echange-coloured clouds above, you start to lose any sense of time and space at all.

bild 51 On a shoestring

bild 33 1024x762 On a shoestring

In Colorado you were constantly busy keeping your eyes on the road, as every curve gave room to another stunning panoramic view which could send you down the 45° slopes ( perfectly build for avalanches)  easily.

bild 112 On a shoestring

Nevada, on the other hand felt like driving across a post-apocalyptic moon-landscape, scattered with gloomy ghosttowns and the most monotonous horizons we have ever seen. You can drive for hours at a time, without even meeting a single car, which is lovely concerning the space issues, yet spooky concerning the petrol-needle. In Nevada and all along the Highway 50 ( also being called “The Loneliest Highway”) you better gas up whenever you can. If you are unlucky you pull up at a petrol station, and the owner seems to be gone fishing, which leaves you hitting the road again, nervously peeking at the dashboard, and rolling down every hill in neutral gear, to heighten your chances of not having to sleep in the desert with the coyotes. These areas haven’t even got cellphone reception- what a scary and segregated place. We really kept wondering, how anyone could possibly choose to live in this desolated and denying piece of earth.

bild 103 On a shoestring

Desert Law Enforcement: Lynch.

bild 121 On a shoestring

bild 132 On a shoestring

Being in the desert one day, on the moon the next, cruising through the snowy Rocky Mountains of Colorado thereafter with a snowboard, and getting stuck in the desert-quicksands the day after again, we completely gave up on trying to develope a feeling for our surrounding. It was, overall, a Kerouacianfarrangomaze, with way to much terrible coffee, and more bad countrymusicradio a person can take. Whatta hellofaride!

0 On a shoestring

This is “the West’s” hottest up and coming!

bild 15 2 On a shoestring

Hypnotic Roads

bild 141 On a shoestring

Nevada Saltlake Roadside Moment. Emphasis is on Moment.

bild 151 On a shoestring

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bild 171 On a shoestring

180° Mountains

April 04, 2011 from THE ROAD IS LONG

bild 131 180° Mountains

On the way to Colourado..

April 04, 2011 from THE ROAD IS LONG

bild 1 On the way to Colourado..

bild 2 On the way to Colourado..

bild 3 On the way to Colourado..

bild 4 On the way to Colourado..

bild 6 On the way to Colourado..

bild 7 On the way to Colourado..

bild 10 On the way to Colourado..

bild 11 On the way to Colourado..

bild 12 On the way to Colourado..

bild 13 On the way to Colourado..

bild 14 On the way to Colourado..

Roadhouse Relaxation

April 03, 2011 from THE ROAD IS LONG

Deserted Mountains

April 02, 2011 from THE ROAD IS LONG

Cold Desert by Kings of Leon

Blue Ridge Mountains by Fleet Foxes

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